We are citizens of planet earth and it’s time we start taking ownership in creating a greener living space and practice sustainability together.


A good oral hygiene routine gives clean teeth and increased well-being. At Jordan, we are specialized in oral care and dental health. We develop, produce and sell products of high quality that fit you and your needs. Below you will find tips and tricks on how to take care of your teeth, throughout life.

Green and Crafty

Getting crafty at home can be a fun pastime, as well as a good way to add a personal touch to gifts and items around your home. Read on to discover sustainable crafts you can try out alone or with your kids to make the most of what you have around you.

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Can I recycle my toothpaste tube?

Did you know you can give your toothpaste tube a new lease of life creatively?

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Going Green with your toothbrush

Creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products is our priority.

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Reducing plastic waste at home

Going green starts from home and with more people staying at home, it’s time for a new normal in reducing waste at home too.

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Circular Economy: What it is and why it matters

Many people and organisations are working together towards the goal of a circular economy. But what is it and why should it matter to us? Here is a short overview of the concept.

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