I’m a heavy coffee drinker and Jordan Expert White helped me to remove the stains bit by bit. I’ll lay off the coffee and take better care of my teeth!
Shankar Vaisudasen
The Step 1 toothbrush head size is good for my son’s mouth and he loves to chew on the end of the handle too. It seems to help him cope with the new teeth he's got coming in now, and honestly, it's one of the only teethers that he's ever been interested in.
Viskey Law
Ubat gigi strawberry memikat hati anak-anak. Tak nak pakai ubat gigi lain dah.
Putra Khairi
用了Jordan Kids Step Toothbrush & Toothpaste一个星期后,可以感受到Jordan Kids Step Toothbrush的刷毛属于宽版并柔软,对孩子的牙龈十分友好。再来就是牙刷的握柄容易掌握,适合孩子的小手握住达到轻松刷牙的效果。
Sharon G.
I love the Jordan kid Step toothbrush because it’s gentle and designed for kids. The toothbrush has soft bristles that are gentle to kids’ teeth and gums.
Sherlyn Chew
I’m impressed that Jordan is able to produce a toothpaste that has almost 100% natural ingredients through its Green Clean product line. I don’t need to worry about my health and safety thanks to Jordan.
Jonathan Williams
I’ve always been environmentally conscious and knowing that my Green Clean toothbrush uses recyclable plastic it gives me great comfort knowing that I’m not using something that generates more plastic waste on earth.
Jenna Wong
Clean Smile toothbrushes are my choice because I like the grip of the toothbrush and it comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Love it!
Susan Gomez
I’ve always been very cautious in brushing my teeth because of my sensitive gums but Jordan’s Click Gum Protector was just what I needed. It helped me manage my brushing and the bristles were gentle at the same time. Goodbye sore gums!
Alex Lee
My kids absolutely loved the Steps toothpaste because of the flavour and their toothbrushes come with a toothpaste indicator that guides them on how much they should be using each time they brush their teeth.
Mindy Tan