Green Clean Change (Adult)

  • Soft, Medium
  • Replaceable head – saving 82% plastic waste
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Bio-based bristles
  • 1 handle and 4 replacement toothbrush heads

Things don’t change, unless we change them! So why throw away the whole toothbrush, when it’s only the bristles that wear out?
Change Green Clean features a handle made from 100% recycled plastic and bio-based bristles. It has both the look and feel of our award-winning toothbrush Green Clean, but now it’s even better for the planet. Saving 82% plastic waste every time you just change the head.

Tips & maintenance
1. Listen for the “click” when attaching the brush head
2. Change brush head every 3 months or when worn
3. Rinse brush head and handle regularly
4. Don’t brush without the handle, and please don’t eat the brush head (obviously)

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